easy-on Anti Graffiti Paint

easy-on durable and protective coating resists damage, candling, scuffmarks, graffiti and dirt. Simply apply, leave to dry and then enjoy 20 years of pristine, wipe clean walls and savings. easy-on has been used to protect a great deal of surfaces and art worldwide.

£35.99 tax incl.



  • Easy clean non stick system
  • Can be applied to any surface
  • Proven to last more than 20 years
  • Deflects damage. Resists stains
  • Washes clean 1000's of times
  • Hard wearing and durable finish
  • Can be used to protect murals


  • Reduced annual redecoration costs
  • Maintains that newly painted look
  • Considerable redecoration savings
  • Repels all types of graffiti media
  • Permanent protective wall coating
  • Single coat = Low applied cost
  • Non-flammable coating


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