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Graffiti Removal Spray
graffiti remover, graffiti removal, sprayeasy-off spray paint stripperGraffiti Removal Spray

easy-off Safe Graffiti Remover Spray

easy-off Safe graffiti remover and anti-graffiti paint stripper effectively removes unwanted graffiti spray paint vandalism and permanent marker pen graffiti tags from walls, doors and all non-porous and hard surfaces. Upon application, easy-off graffiti remover penetrates deep into ink based graffiti and graffiti spray paint and lifts permanent marker pen graffiti media, removing graffiti vandalism in seconds. easy-off graffiti remover is solvent-free and safe to use on plastic surfaces, polycarbonate, and other hard substrates and is especially effective on those protected with Anti-Graffiti Paints such as easy-on Anti-Graffiti Coating.

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Product Description

easy-off Graffiti Remover

  • Safely remove graffiti from surfaces
  • Clean graffitied surfaces quickly
  • Best anti-graffiti, graffiti remover
  • Cleans graffiti tags and vandalism
  • Ready to use safe anti-graffiti sprays
  • Graffiti removal with a fresh aroma
  • Safe easy-off is not tested on animals

easy-off Anti-Graffiti Cleaner

  • Our #1 safe graffiti removal product
  • Chosen by graffiti removal companies
  • Environmental ink and paint stripper
  • Plastic & polycarbonate safe cleaner
  • CHIP, COSHH & REACH compliant
  • Fully biodegradable safe solution
  • Non-flammable and solvent free


Safe Graffiti Removal

easy-off Graffiti Remover is one of the safest Graffiti Removal Products in the UK and displays no “Harmful”, “Dangerous” or “Irritant” warning symbols. CHIP, COSHH and REACH compliant easy-off Graffiti Removal Sprays are chosen by Graffiti Removing Professionals, Local Authority Street-Scene Teams and members of the Anti-Graffiti Community wishing to remove Graffiti Vandalism Safely. Available in 500ml Sprays, 5ltr Jerry Cans, 25ltr Drums and our ever popular easy-off Graffiti Removal Kits and Wipes.


Compatible with Anti-Graffiti Coatings:

Walls and surfaces protected with anti-graffiti coatings are most efficiently cleaned with easy-off Graffiti Removal Sprays. Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coatings and Anti-Graffiti paint Systems withstand the application of easy-off Graffiti Removal Liquid which acts as the perfect surfactant to lift graffiti media and hold ink, paint and dye based contaminants in suspension, ready to be pressure washed or wiped away. True Permanent Anti-Graffiti Finishes such as easy-on Durable Anti-Graffiti Coating will be able to withstand 1000’s of Graffiti Cleaning operations without the need for reapplication, making easy-off Safe Graffiti Remover a #1 choice for Schools, Housing Associations and Professional Graffiti Removal Companies who have proactively applied Protective Coatings to their buildings and structures.


Adhesive Remover

The same Graffiti Removal Chemicals that make easy-off so effective at cleaning graffiti also make it an extremely safe and practical, solvent free, adhesive and glue remover. With minimum contact time easy-off quickly dissolves sticker residues, uncured silicone sealant, and acrylic type adhesives and makes short work of glue, gum and paste. Perfect for Fly Poster and Sticker Bombing attacks on Skateparks, Bus Stops, and Road Signs.


Pressure washer and Commercial Cleaner compatible:

Large scale graffiti pieces and graffiti murals will, of course, need a more industrial approach to cleaning. easy-off Graffiti Remover is ideal when faced with such a graffiti attack. Simply treat the wall with easy-off, allow to work for 5 – 10 minutes then thoroughly rinse with high-pressure water. Hey presto – the offending graffiti is gone!

Data Sheets

easy-off Graffiti Paint Remover Data Sheet


easy-off Graffiti Paint Remover SDS



easy-off safe graffiti remover