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easy-off Safe Graffiti Remover Liquid

easy-off safe graffiti remover is our #1 graffiti removal product! Safe for use easy-off liquid penetrates deep into ink, spray paint and dye based graffiti, lifting it  from the substrate where it can be washed or wiped away. easy-off graffiti remover is safe to use on all surfaces including plastic and effective on all types of graffiti media. easy-off graffiti remover is chosen by local authorities and graffiti removal professionals all over the World and is available in ready to use sprays, decant-able containers and easy-off graffiti removal wipes.


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Product Description

easy-off Graffiti Remover

  • Safe graff removal cleaning product
  • Remove ink, marker pen & paint
  • Power/pressure washer compatible
  • Chemical free cleaning product
  • 100% safe graffiti paint remover
  • Fresh citrus aroma smells great
  • Chemical is untested on animals

Safe Graffiti Remover

  • Cleans walls & removes paint & pen
  • Safe for use by the general public
  • Chosen for commercial cleaning
  • Plastic & polycarb safe cleaner
  • COSHH & environmentally friendly
  • 100% Biodegradable cleaner
  • Low odour makes it pleasant to use


Safe graffiti remover

easy-off is a safe graffiti remover suitable for all situations. Capable of shifting permanent marker pen, spray paint and a wide range of other graffiti media easy-off makes a great catch all cleaning chemical for your graffiti removal kit. Simply spray, leave to work for 3-5 minutes and then wipe, wash or pressure wash the graffiti away. easy-off works best on hard and non-porous surfaces and can be used in conjunction with Graffiti Shadow Remover should any graffiti ghosting be left behind.


Adhesive and Glue Remover

easy-off makes short work of glue and sticker residue meaning it’s perfect for removing Fly-Posters and Bill Stickers on lampposts and street furniture. Contact time is a little bit longer (around 5-8 minutes) but once softened the offending sticker or poster should peel away easily.


General Cleaning

easy-off graffiti remover was specifically designed to work harmoniously with easy-on anti-graffiti & durable coating. Graffiti removal using easy-off does not shorten the 20 year life expectancy of easy-on and as such all marks including shoe scuffs, dirty hand prints, tyre marks and grease can be cleaned from the easy-on protected surface 1000’s of times without the need for reapplication.

Data Sheets

easy-off Graffiti Paint Remover Data Sheet


easy-off Graffiti Paint Remover SDS



easy-off safe graffiti remover