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easy-on+ Biomaster Antimicrobial Glaze

easy-on+ antimicrobial Biomaster is the 20-year life hygienic finish for hospital ICU’s, Theatres and Wards. Building on the unparalleled durability of damage resistant easy-on clear glaze, this Biomaster infused hospital hygiene coating can be applied to any clean surface whether painted or natural. Once cured easy-on+ Biomaster Anti-microbial forms a washable seamless barrier that inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%. Based on safe silver ion technology and building on the impressive Biomaster name there is no other coating that can offer such complete washability and durability. easy-on+ Biomaster clear glaze destroys harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and moulds and is tested to strict ISO standards.

Coverage: 9-33m² per litre

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Product Description

Antimicrobial Biomaster Glaze

  • 20-year life hygienic wall protection
  • Contains antimicrobial Biomaster
  • Inhibits bacterial growth up to 99.99%
  • Based on safe silver ion technology
  • Can be washed and scrubbed clean
  • Inhibits the surface growth of bacteria
  • Simple one coat application process
  • Tested to ISO 22196:2011 standards

Antibacterial easy-on+ Biomaster

  • Antibacterial finish for hospital walls
  • Destroys harmful micro-organisms
  • Prevents fungi and mould growth
  • Seamless antibacterial wall glaze
  • Vastly extends redecoration intervals
  • Class 0 fire rated and solvent free
  • Contains Verimaster validation
  • easy-on+ antimicrobial Biomaster


Durable Wall Protection

easy-on+ Biomaster antimicrobial clear glaze has a clear polysiloxane backbone that’s as tough as quartz crystal once applied to a wall. Utilising superior chemical bonding technology polysiloxane based coatings are renowned for their permanence, durability and damage resistance. One coat of easy-on+ Biomaster applied to high traffic walls in hospitals will ensure they remain protected and looking like new for 20+ years.


Hygienic Antimicrobial Wall Defence

‘Normal’ easy-on Clear Glaze has been proven to withstand 1000’s of cleaning operations without ever wearing away and as such easy-on retains the crown as the UK’s #1 ‘True Permanent’ Anti-Graffiti Coating. A number of years ago UH embarked upon testing with The Biomedical Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University here in the UK to prove easy-on could be cleaned down to a microbial level and we were delighted when the test proved that easy-on cleans far better than other long-lasting “scrubbable” finishes, paints and coatings. Adding the Biomaster additive was the next logical step and in doing so we created a biocidally active antimicrobial coating that defends itself and anything it’s applied to from germs, bacteria, mould spores and fungi.

Anti-Mould and Fungi

Biomaster disrupts mould growth by binding itself to a mould spores cell wall and preventing that cell from producing energy, this interrupts the cells DNA and prevents it from replicating, therefore eliminating the spread of that particular mould or fungus. One coat of easy-on+ Biomaster applied to damp, mould prone walls will ensure black mould and potentially harmful fungi are all kept at bay and walls stay looking clean, hygienic and patient friendly.

Data Sheets

easy-on+ Biomaster Safety Data Sheet


easy-on+ Biomaster data sheet


easy-on+ Biomaster Application




How Biomaster Silver Ion Technology works

Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology in Healthcare

Test Cert

Test Cert (Antimicrobial) ISO22196 – easy on+ Biomaster