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easy-on, varnish, tough paint, tough clear coat
easy-on, varnish, tough paint, tough clear coateasy-on+ anti-bacterial paint glaze brochure pageeasy-on, varnish, tough paint, tough clear coat

Anti-Bacterial Wall & Ceiling Paint Glaze


Clear anti-microbial protection for infirmary walls, resistant to 1000’s of cleaning operations? That’ll be easy-on anti-bacterial clear glaze, the perfect durable wall finish for ICU’s, theatres, hospital wards and high traffic patient areas. First and foremost easy-on anti-bacterial paint glaze is a clear 20-year life “super durable” coating for all hospital walls. Tough enough to resist damage from hospital trolleys and durable enough to withstand 1000’s of decontaminations without the need for reapplication, easy-on anti-bacterial paint glaze will extend hospital redecoration intervals and cut down on disruption.

Coverage: 9-33m² per litre

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£283.33 ex.Vat

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Product Description

Anti-Microbial Hospital Coating

  • Durable Anti-Bacterial hospital paint
  • Washable wall and ceiling clear glaze
  • Actively kills all bacteria and germs
  • Mould resistant hospital paint finish
  • 20-year life high traffic wall coating
  • Seamless anti-bacterial protection
  • Simple one coat application process

easy-on Anti-Bacterial Paint

  • Anti-Microbial Clear Hospital Coating
  • Scrub, wash and wipe 1000’s of times
  • Vastly extends repainting intervals
  • Minimises hospital ward disruption
  • Class 0 fire rated and solvent free
  • Damage and graffiti resistant glaze
  • Infection control coating for hospitals


Hospital Wall Protection

Hospital walls demand protection so it makes sense to protect them with the most durable hygienic finish on the market today. Belonging to a family of coatings knows as Polysiloxanes, (which were originally developed for the protection of steel on oil platforms!) easy-on protective coating and easy-on anti-bacterial paint finish are the most durable and washable paint finishes available!! Graffiti resistant, quartz crystal tough and washable 1000’s of times this anti-microbial finish is warrantied for up to 20 years and will retain a newly painted appearance throughout.


Washable Wall Coating

Proven to resist 1000’s of graffiti removal cycles, easy-on anti-bacterial paint finish is a most tested durable wall protection system. Shoe Scuffs, urine, blood, faeces and germs can all be expunged from the seamless and decontaminateable easy-on anti-microbial surface which has been tested to destruction and shown to deliver 22.3 years worth of wall protection from a single coat! Anti-bacterial, super durable, high gloss clear glaze for hospital walls – that’ll be easy-on+.


Full Gloss Operating Room Finish

“The requirements for painting Operating Room Walls are that the chosen coating must be full gloss and able to withstand continuous cleaning and washing with water solutions that contain strong disinfectants without damaging the painted surface.” Paints and coatings resource centre


easy-on anti-bacterial paint finish upgrades acrylic emulsion and standard paint coatings to a super durable full gloss finish more than capable of withstanding continuous cleaning using infection control products, sanitizers and disinfectants without damage or discolouration occurring to the painted finish. The anti-microbial easy-on finish goes on to provide this protection for 20+ years, therefore improving appearances while all the time extending hospital redecoration intervals and saving infection control and facilities departments money.

Data Sheets

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