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Stainstop pavement and floor sealer
chewing gum prevention, hydrophobic floor protection stainstopStainstop floor protectionStainstop pavement and floor sealer

Stainstop Anti-Gum Pavement Protector

Stainstop Anti-Chewing Gum Pavement Protector is our invisible long life floor sealer for all masonry pavements, paths, pedestrian areas and town centre shopping precincts. Stainstop’s invisible floor protection penetrates deeply into cement and block paving where it forms an impermeable barrier that is Hydrophobic (water repelling), Lipophobic (fat repelling) and Oleophobic (oil repelling). As such Stainstop automatically prevents Chewing Gum from sticking to pavements and grease discolouring floors outside of fast food establishments and even protects garage forecourt floors from oil leaking cars. If keeping pavements and floors clean is your business then try Stainstop and see clean floors that last for much longer.

Coverage: 5m² per litre

£119.99£479.99 inc.Vat |
£99.99£399.99 ex.Vat


Product Description

Anti-Chewing Gum Coating

  • Prevents Chewing Gum sticking
  • One application lasts for 3-5 years
  • Low tack system reduces Gum bond
  • Safe Anti-slip impregnation system
  • Keeps pavements chewing gum free
  • Super-Hydrophobic anti-gum coat
  • Invisible protection for High Streets

Anti-Gum Floor Protection

  • For a Chewing Gum Free high street
  • Perfect for busy foot traffic areas
  • Reduces gum removal time and cost
  • Does not alter substrate cohesion
  • Create a clean & gum free pavement
  • Keep fast food floors grease free
  • Ideal for petrol garage forecourts


Anti-Chewing Gum Coating:

Stainstop Anti-Gum Pavement Protector vastly reduces the bond between Chewing Gum and the Floor. This means Gum can be Cleaned mechanically, with the minimum of effort. Often just the action of a street cleaner is enough to see Chewing Gum removed from Pavements and High Streets leaving behind a fresh Gum Free Substrate. There is no need to reapply Stainstop once Gum Removal has taken place. The invisible, impregnation system penetrates deep into the Pavement where it remains effective for 3 – 5 years, dependent on footfall.


Lipophobic Coating:

Stainstop Anti-Gum Pavement Protector is highly Lipophobic. This means Fats and Grease from cooking or dropped food are repelled from the invisible film and held firmly away from whichever masonry substrate Stainstop is protecting. This makes Stainstop ideal for protecting areas outside Take-Away restaurants and Fast-Food Eateries where the pavement can often look greasy and dark.

Oleophobic Coating:

Another quality of Stainstop Anti-Gum Pavement Protector is its super-oleophobic properties. Just as with Fats Stainstop also repels Oil, Diesel and Petrol spill making it a popular protection coating for Petrol Station Forecourts. If a spill occurs on a Stainstop protected area the liquid will “bead” on the surface until a suitable absorbent can be deployed. Once the spill is mopped up there will be no sign of staining or the contaminant remaining.


Hydrophobic Coating:

Stainstop prevents Chewing Gum from sticking via Super-Hydrophobic behaviour. Moisture in the Gum is repelled from the protected surface making Stainstop Non-Stick to Gum. This Super-Hydrophobic quality also makes Stainstop suitable for a whole host of other floor protection operations. In Public toilets or open Car Park Stairwells urine is prevented from absorbing into concrete floors, cutting down on smells. In Football Stadiums, Pubs or Bars spilt pints await mopping up rather than penetrating masonry floors and again causing unpleasant odours. On high traffic pedestrianised areas Stainstop is applied to keep pavements and block paving looking clean and fresh and around the home Stainstop is used to keep Patios and Driveways newly laid.

Data Sheets

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Stainstop anti-chewing gum coating