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About Urban Hygiene Ltd


Urban Hygiene Ltd is one of the UK’s most trusted providers of Anti-Graffiti Coatings, Graffiti Removers, and Cleaning Products. Our expertise is in the delivery of solutions that improve surface performance, durability, functionality, and sustainability. Established in the 1990’s Urban Hygiene Ltd has expanded to serve more than 20 countries worldwide, from our distribution center in Doncaster, UK. For many years Urban Hygiene has supplied award-winning solutions to Local Authorities, Schools, Housing Associations and the general public.

We continue to develop high-quality products and our current portfolio includes:

Anti-Graffiti Coating,   Fire Retardant Systems (class 1 and class 0),   Multi-Surface Cleaner,   Graffiti Removal Wipes,   Non-Darkening Sealer Coats,   Asbestos Encapsulation Coating,   Anti-Bacterial Coating,   Driveway Sealer,   Anti-Chewing Gum Floor Sealers,   Pavement Protection,   Tool Cleaner,   Hand Cleaner,   Anti-Mould Paint,   Graffiti Removal Kits,   Graffiti Removers,   Non Slip Coating,   Anti-Carbonation Coating,   Damp Wall Protector,   Concrete Floor Repair,   Graffiti Shadow Remover,   Sacrificial Remover,   Graffiti Resistant Paint,   Traffic Film Remover,   Damp Proof Membrane,   Glass Cleaner.

We are proud of these products, competitive with our pricing and always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. Urban Hygiene and our overseas partners operate a large team of sales representatives who welcome the opportunity to visit you, should you require product assistance. Please take a look around our website and call us to discuss your requirements.

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