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Urban Hygiene Trade Counter

We’ve recently added a trade counter here at Urban Hygiene Ltd HQ. Now you can order online or by phone and collect your goods in person. Anti-Graffiti Coatings and Graffiti Removers are always kept in stock so if you have a graffiti emergency in the South Yorkshire area you know where to come. We look […]

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Before and After… easy-on

Whilst scanning through some old photos I came across some shots of a Wigan subway I’d all but forgotten about. A number of years ago now we were asked to supply easy-on anti-graffiti clear glaze to a company who were protecting a rural subway that ran under the A580 East Lancs Road. When I first arrived […]

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Urban Hygiene is expanding… 

Thanks to a healthy 2016 and a promising start to 2017 Urban Hygiene is expanding by adding nearly 100 pallet bays to one corner of our warehouse. This year will see UH manufacturing and carrying more products than ever before and we will be producing additional lines to support our already successful anti-graffiti, graffiti removal and […]

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The Anti-Graffiti Association

Urban Hygiene Ltd is a proud management member of the national Anti-Graffiti Association (AGA) which is now a part of the Keep Britain Tidy Group. The Anti-graffiti Association was set up to promote the best practices in the management of graffiti, vandalism and related crime, and to disseminate that information to local authorities, housing associations, schools […]

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Graffiti Artist Vs Graffiti Vandal?

Having been in the anti-graffiti business for over 20-years now people who have just met me are often confused when I show my enthusiasm for a good graffiti mural. “You shouldn’t like it”, “I bet you can’t wait to remove that!” , “Oooo, THE ENEMY!” – I’ve heard all the comments. The truth is I […]

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Thoughts on the graffiti paint-out?

The graffiti paint-out is now a widely accepted and commonly deployed method for tackling graffiti. Rather than washing away a graffiti tag, mural or design, local authorities and highways agency’s often cover up and obliterate graffiti using paint – this is called a graffiti paint-out and leaves a trademark “patchwork quilt” effect pattern on subways, […]

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What are safe graffiti removers?

“Safe” is a subjective term, especially when applied to modern graffiti removal products. Here at Urban Hygiene Ltd, we believe safe graffiti removers are products that carry no hazard warning symbols on their packaging so can officially carry the title “Safe”. In the past graffiti removing chemicals, such as methylene chloride, have been found to be extremely […]

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What are Anti-Graffiti Coatings?

Anti-Graffiti Coatings are specially manufactured Paints, Coatings, Glazes or Varnishes that prevent graffiti vandalism, in all its forms, from successfully adhering to a substrate. Anti-Graffiti Coatings must be able to resist Spray Paint and Permanent Marker Pen graffiti as these are the most common choices of the graffiti vandal and they should facilitate the 100% removal of […]

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Mistakes when removing graffiti

The top 5 mistakes people make when removing graffiti. 1) Believing the most dangerous product is the most effective. It is a common misconception that graffiti removing products marked; Hazardous, Harmful, Corrosive and Irritant are in some way stronger and therefore more effective than their unclassified and safe graffiti remover equivalents. This is not true. […]

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