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easy-on Anti-graffiti Trains

Title: Anti-Graffiti Trains

Location: North of England
Owner / Client: Northen Rail / Rail Order
Products Applied: easy-on anti-graffiti coating
Structure Cleaned / Protected: Front End Protection



Although easy-on protective coating is usually used by the rail industry for anti-graffiti protection, it sometimes finds itself being used for other applications. In this case, our friends at Rail Order used easy-on to protect the front (and rear ends) of trains for rolling stock provider, Northern Rail.

On their extensive travels, the fronts and rears of trains will become extremely dirty with everything from leave debris to carbon deposits and traffic film. Once baked on during the summer months the ground in carbon deposits and traffic film is extremely hard to shift and even the excellent train wash facilities sometimes cannot remove it.

In order to facilitate a 100% dirt removal rate Northen Rail, Via Rail Order chose to protect these highly soiled areas for their trains with easy-on anti-graffiti coating.

Once the trains were thoroughly cleaned easy-on was applied using rollers and brushed to a fine, high gloss flat finish.

They looked AMAZING!

It’s a good few months on now and I’m pleased to say the train wash facilities at Rail Depots have been able to do their job thanks to the easy-on. Northen Rail Trains now always look bright and clean and any traffic film, graffiti or dirt can be easily removed.

Anti-graffiti trains

Anti-Graffiti coating for Rail

Train front end protection

Anti-Graffiti Coating for trains