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Anti-graffiti Hoardings

Title: Anti-graffiti hoardings

Location: Manchester
Owner/Client: Manchester City Council
Products Applied: easy-on anti-graffiti coating
Structure Cleaned / Protected: Building Site Construction Hoardings


Case Study:

During the construction phase of a building, hoardings are often used to provide security and privacy to a site. Unfortunately, these temporary walls often act as a magnet for graffiti vandals and become littered with graffiti murals and tags.

Simply by applying a single coat of easy-on anti-graffiti paint glaze to new or existing construction site hoardings, graffiti, tags and unwanted spray paint vandalism can be repeatedly removed without specialist graffiti removal chemicals. This means your building site will remain looking professional and attractive for potential investors visiting the site and fines for racist or offensive graffiti become a thing of the past.

Protecting your building hoardings with easy-on is the cost effective way to improve building site appearances and protect any murals, signs and display pieces you may have applied.


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Graffitied building hoardings

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