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easy-on Anti-Graffiti Signs

It seems that wherever there’s a street sign the graffiti vandal must strike! Road signs, street signs, lampposts and street furniture are all favourites of the graffiti tagger and the more prominent the sign the more attractive it is to vandalise.

Unfortunately, because these signs must remain public and on show, there is no real way of preventing the graffiti vandals access to them, but we can make the job of removing their graffiti much easier and protect the signs from the damage this process can sometimes cause.

One coat of easy-on clear anti-graffiti glaze will ensure the complete removal of graffiti can take place without damage occurring to the all important sign. Clear easy-on anti-graffiti coating won’t change the reflectivity of the sign or the luminescence but it will stop graffiti spray paints, inks and dyes from staining the UV printed surface.

This means signs can quickly and simply be cleaned and don’t need to be replaced as frequently.

Clear easy-on anti-graffiti varnish can be applied by brush, roller or spray either at the point of manufacture or at the roadside during the installation process. Highways agencies, rail companies and local authorities often retrofit easy-on to their existing sign stocks enabling them to quickly clean up and return graffitied signs to effective use.

Road sign graffiti

Very graffitied Abbey Road Sign


Road sign with graffiti

Graffitied road sign