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easy-off whiteboard cleaner wipes

Have you ever accidentally used a permanent marker pen on a dry wipe whiteboard and instantly regretted it? Well, now you can easily remove those unwanted markings, shadows and stains with Non-Toxic easy-off whiteboard cleaner wipes and make your old damaged dry wipe whiteboard clean and like new.

easy-off cleaning wipes were first formulated to safely remove graffiti spray paint and marker pen from hard and non-porous surfaces, but being plastic and polycarbonate safe, easy-off graffiti wipes lend themselves perfectly for use as a whiteboard cleaner, drywipe eraser and permanent marker pen “accident” cleaning wipe.

100% safe and COSHH and CHIPP compliant, easy-off whiteboard cleaning wipes can be used by schools, local authorities, in the home and by businesses alike without any special training or PPE.

Simply remove one of the 15 easy-off whiteboard cleaning wipes from the handy pouch, then wipe the dry wipe whiteboard surface clean, and hey presto, your whiteboard looks like new and any shadows or stains from accidentally used permanent marker pens have been cleaned away like magic.

Always available at our Urban Hygiene eBay store or by clicking here -> easy-off graffiti wipes – are the low cost, reusable whiteboard and dry wipe cleaning wipes that rejuvenate whiteboards and clean up mistakes.

Whiteboard cleaning wipes

Permanent marker on a dry wipe whiteboard?

easy-off whiteboard cleaning wipes

Use easy-off whiteboard cleaner wipes

Clean permanent marker pen easily

easy-off wipes remove permanent marker pen

Whiteboard rejuvenating cleaning wipes

Leaving whiteboards rejuvenated and looking like new