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easy-on | The Elephant Parade – 2011

Location: Heerlen. Netherlands
Owner/Client: The Elephant Parade
Contractor: Various artists
Date of Application: 04 / 2011
Applied Product: easy-on anti graffiti coating


Once again Urban Hygiene is proud to be associated with the wonderful work carried out by all those involved with the Elephant Parade.
The Elephant parade is dedicated to the conservation of Asian Elephants through an open air art exhibition of decorated Elephant statues.
In the past 100 years populations of the Asian Elephant have depleted from around 250,000 to 25,000 – something must be done to preserve these magnificent animals.
Companies and individuals are invited to sponsor an elephant and have it painted or decorated with an exciting design and over the years that UH has been involved we’ve seen some true works of art.

The sculptures’s are displayed in city centres around the World and people are invited to come down and interact with the parade. This year thousands of people descended on Heerlen in the Netherlands to see the spectacle and have their picture taken with the brightly coloured statues.
UH are proud to supply the protective coating used to ensure the elephant parade always looks its best and keep the pachyderms photogenic.


“There are three more parades planned for this year: Singapore, Copenhagen and Milan. If you get the chance pack up your trunk and trundle on down to see them – you won’t be disappointed.”
– Mark Johnson