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Elephant Parade: Singapore

Owner/Client: Elephant Parade
Location: Singapore
Contractor: Elephant Parade & Rhema Events Services
Date of Application: 2011
Applied Product: easy-on Anti-Graffiti Coating and easy-off Wipes
Author of Report: Ferina Natasya Aziz – Artist Manager
Date of Report: October 2011



Urban Hygiene is proud to have supported the Elephant Parade for over 10 years now. We were originally approached to as one of a number of companies who could offer a protective – anti-graffiti – type coating to shield the elephants from vandalism once they were deployed in various, high-profile, city locations. It was obvious from the get-go that our easy-on Anti-Graffiti Coating was superior to the competition and we quickly became the specified finish for all of the Elephants and their various parades around the World. This has seen Urban Hygiene representatives travel far and wide instructing and applying easy-on anti-graffiti to some of the most amazing works of art. We feel very lucky to have such a strong relationship and look forward to many more years offering protective coatings to the Elephant Parade.


“The weather with the dust and the rain is quite heavy and the Singapore team insist on having all the elephants like brand new and clean the whole time. Once the Elephants are protected with easy-on  keeping them clean with easy-off wipes is simple to do.”
– Marloes Nieuwenhuijse, Art & Product Development