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easy-on Tower Block Wall Protection

Location: Leeds
Owner/Client: Leeds Homes
Products Applied: easy-on anti-graffiti coating
Title: Wall protection for Tower Block Stairwells


Case Study:

Towerblock stairwells and corridors get damaged regularly, not just by graffiti vandals but also general wear and tear scuff marks, knocks, bumps, bangs and dirty hand prints often adorn thoroughfares. These are the rigours of tower block life and try as you might the cleaning or graffiti removal of said marks is usually impossible without damaging the painted wall beneath.

Fortunately, help is at hand!

Many housing associations, ALMO’s and property management companies now protect their high-traffic communal areas, such as stairwells and corridors, with easy-on super durable anti-graffiti coating.

easy-on anti-graffiti clear paint glaze makes for an amazing wall protection finish and thanks to its Class 0 fire rating and solvent free nature easy-on is perfect for all tower block walls, ceilings, doors and facades. Once applied (in a single coat) the removal of any graffiti, shoe scuffs and dirty marks becomes a cinch. Graffiti removal only takes seconds from an easy-on protected wall (see below) and communal areas stay looking newly painted and hygienically clean. What’s more – easy-on is so super tough and durable that any damage from furniture, bicycles or other such items which are often carelessly carried up tower block stairs, also deflects from the easy-on anti-graffiti paint glaze protected walls.

Dozens of Housing Associations all over the country already specify easy-on anti-graffiti coating as part of their building internal painting plans and are now enjoying benefits such as improved appearances, reduction in odours, extended redecoration intervals and easy graffiti removal without the need for costly graffiti removal companies.

Check out the video below and see for yourself just how easy is is to remove graffiti, scuffs and stains from a wall painted with easy-on wall protection:

easy-on protective coating

easy-on wall protection

Anti-Graffiti Finish

Wall Protection with easy-on