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easy-on School Wall Protection

School walls come in for their fair share of abuse. Shoe scuffs, bag marks, dirty hand prints and graffiti all contribute to a worn out appearance and caretakers tell us that keeping on top of a school redecoration programme can sometimes feel like painting the Forth Bridge.

Luckily help is at hand in the shape of easy-on clear glaze, for school wall protection. Applied here to Bushey Academy walls by Go Gum easy-on application services.

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easy-on school wall protection

Once applied to school walls easy-on anti-graffiti paint glaze cures to form a clear, washable sealed wall finish that can be scrubbed clean 1000’s of times without compromising appearances and without any need for the reapplication of the easy-on coating. Corridor, Classroom and Stairwell walls remain looking newly painted and redecoration intervals can be pushed right back saving Academies, Universities and Schools some much-needed money.

Day to day wall cleaning becomes a delight as low surface energy easy-on school wall protection washes with just soapy water and a cloth whilst the underlying protected paint remains looking fresh, clean and new and any scuffs, dirt or graffiti is easily expunged.

What’s more, thanks to easy-on’s quartz crystal like hardness, wall damage is reduced too and bags, shoes and projectiles that would normally have damaged painted walls just glance off the surface.

We’ve been told easy-on is a Godsend for school wall protection and many PFI’s and Academies routinely apply easy-on to any newly painted areas. See for yourself and try easy-on today. Only £2/M2 and with a 20 year expected life easy-on protective coating pays for itself within a very short period of time and continues to deliver savings for 20+ years.

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Durable wall protection for schools

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Durable school wall protection

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