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Stainstop testing at UH HQ

Stainstop anti-chewing gum floor system offers super-hydrophobic, oleophobic and lipophobic protection for high streets, pavements and paths. Applied by roller or spray to any indoor or outdoor masonry floor, Stainstop dries to produce an invisible shield that will protect floors without changing their appearance or altering their slip coefficient.

Anti-Gum Floor Coating

Anti-Chewing Gum Pavement Protection

A single application of Stainstop lasts around 3 to 5 years and repels water, fats and oils whilst also preventing food litter such as chewing gum, takeaways and dropped sweets from sticking to and staining our public spaces.

Stainstop testing

Stainstop anti-chewing gum coating being applied

We recently applied a sample of Stainstop to the car-park here at urban Hygiene HQ to demonstrate exactly the sort of protection Stainstop will afford any masonry surface it is applied to. You can see it being applied (above) and then around 10 minutes later you see the Stainstop has completely dried and is completely imperceptible and concealed. (below).

Stainstop coating fully dried and totally invisible

Invisible Stainstop anti-gum once dried

It’s only when it rains or when something like pop, petrol, oil or blood is spilt on a Stainstop protected surface that you really notice it working so we had to wait for the next rainy day to see our handiwork at its best. Fortunately – here in Doncaster you don’t have to wait too long for rain and hey-presto – our Stainstop demonstration was revealed – although we probably should have asked our neighbours if it was Ok to do this with hindsight!

Stainstop after the rain

Amazing waterproofing power of Stainstop

If you have a masonry surface you need to keep clean then Stainstop is the product for you. 100% trafficable and completely invisible, Stainstop keeps pedestrian areas, forecourts, market stalls and high streets, paths and alleyways looking their best and free from gum litter and foul.

Also available as Stainstop+ Fungicide – specifically formulated for the further control of green moss and algae.

Our Stainstop range of floor protection systems are manufactured to perform in the toughest of high traffic areas and built to last.

Please call us for more information or download the datasheet here: Stainstop datasheet

Stainstop Hydrophobic Video Demonstration: YouTube