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Whiteboard paint

easy-on whiteboard paint creates a permanent whiteboard on any surface. We decided to paint a part of a wall with the whiteboard paint to fully test it out and show how amazing it works!


We started off by applying a thin layer of the paint with a roller.

clear whiteboard paint

Apply to any surface

Once the paint is completely dry you can draw and write all over the painted surface.

You can use whiteboard markers, ink, paint and permanent markers (we used whiteboard markers).

clear whiteboard paint

Draw, doodle or write.

When you need to clean the whiteboard you can use a damp cloth*

clear whiteboard paint

Clean with a damp cloth


easy-on clear whiteboard paint

easy-on clear gloss whiteboard paint is ideal for schools and business. You can create a permanent whiteboard on any surface that you want to collaborate with other people. One-coat of this paint seals in the surface underneath to form a washable surface that can be cleaned 1000’s of times. Apply the paint to desks, walls, and workspaces meaning you can write down ideas wherever you are.

*Please note if you use permanent markers or ink it may require a stronger remover. easy-off wipes are ideal.