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Wild in Art and Urban Hygiene

Wild in art ‘are a commercial organisation that employs a core team in the North and South of England, and a pool of specialist freelancers across the UK and overseas. Our expertise, insights, and network from more than ten years creating popular art events across the globe, enables partners to achieve their goals: whether it’s reaching new audiences, raising charitable funds, increasing engagement, or anything in between.’

Urban Hygiene has been working with Wild in Art to help the artists protect their sculptures with our special easy-on Protective Coating.

The sculptures that you see have been coated with our easy-on clear glaze to make sure that they are protected from the public. Artists from around the country are choosing to use easy-on because it enhances the colors from the sculpture and it won’t harm the delicate parts. easy-on will last for 20+ years so your masterpiece will continue to shine (literally) for many more years to come!

Top 3 benefits of using easy-on:

  1. Anti-graffiti finish
  2. Protect from scuffing and damage
  3. Prevents colours fading

Wild in Art Projects

Here are some of the projects that Wild in Art have worked on


Snowdogs discover Ashford

Bears in Birmingham

Bee in the city

Go Go hares

Worcester stands tall

Snailspace Brighton and Hove

One of the artists for the Wild in Art projects created this video to show you what you can do what to paint your artwork and which coating to cover it with (Spoiler Alert: its easy-on).


Next time you paint a sculpture or mural don’t forget to use easy-on to protect your work of art and also watch Wil in Arts video to give you some tips!

Check out wild in Arts website: http://www.wildinart.co.uk/

Their twitter page: https://twitter.com/wildinart