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Anti-chewing gum coatings

Sadly chewing gum often litters our streets and the removal of this sticky problem from our pavements and paths can be a very costly undertaking for councils. Urban Hygiene’s gum resistant anti-chewing gum coatings offer the maximum levels of floor protection for any pavement, path or pedestrianised area. With our range of Stainstop gum repellant finishes, local authorities can alleviate the problem of costly gum removal by protecting masonry floors and pavements for up to 5 years with just one durable coat of anti-chewing gum protection. Subsequently, gum, grease, oils, lipids, bird fowl and fats are repelled by the Stainstop or Stainstop + Fungicide protected surface and chewing gum removal can take place using street sweepers and brushes, no need for super high-pressure jet washing and gallons of water. These anti-gum coatings offer a verifiable return on investment so next time you “deep clean” any pavements, paths, streets or highways please consider applying Stainstop anti-chewing gum floor protection.

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