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mould resistant clear glaze
mould resistant clear glazemould resistant clear glaze

Anti-Mould Wall and Ceiling Varnish

Keep damp ceilings and walls completely mould free for up to 20 years with easy-on Anti-Mould Wall and Ceiling Varnish. Applied by brush, roller or spray, one coat cures to form a mould repelling, fungus fighting, super durable barrier that can be wiped clean 1000’s of times if necessary and won’t support black mould or fungal degradation. easy-on Anti-Mould Wall and Ceiling Varnish is hydrophobic, lipophobic and antimicrobial therefore reducing or completely eliminating water and pink or orange (bacteria) staining on shower or bathroom walls. Apply easy-on Anti-Mould Wall and Ceiling Varnish over clean and dry, tiled or painted surfaces and ceilings to vastly extend redecoration intervals, improve appearances and advance hygiene.

Coverage: Approx. 22m² per litre


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Product Description

Anti-Mould Wall Varnish

  • Anti-mould paint varnish protection
  • Super tough cleans 1000’s of times
  • Single coat, high gloss paint sealer
  • Hydrophobic bathroom wall paint
  • Lipophobic wall and tile varnish
  • Oleophobic protection for surfaces
  • Self-cleaning tile and grout varnish
  • Prevents black mould on ceilings

Anti-Mould Ceiling Varnish

  • Up to 20-year mould fighting life
  • Scrubbable bathroom wall finish
  • Suited for high humidity areas
  • Damp/moisture tolerant once cured
  • Non-yellowing clear gloss finish
  • Washable protective coating
  • Antimicrobial silver ion system
  • Fully breathable wall protection

Data Sheets

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