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4 in 1 cleaner spray
4 in 1 cleaner

Clean & Protect 4 in 1 Ready To Use

Paramagnetically charged Clean & Protect is a building cleaning revolution! Advances in cleaning product technology have produced this new type of “Super Wet” multi-surface cleaner that is not only dirt removing, but also dust repelling. Producing a ground-breaking microscopic protein shield and with durable bonded biostatic antimicrobial technology this multi-purpose cleaner reads more like a science book than a cleaning spray and the results are irrefutable. Surfaces around the home or office that actively keep themselves hygienically clean and deodorised for up to 14 days. Amazing!


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Product Description

Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray

  • Paramagnetic cleaning technology
  • 4in1 clean, protect and deodorise
  • Anti-Static multi-surface cleaner
  • Safe to use, VOC and bleach free
  • Zero smell deodorising technology
  • Cleans fabrics, plastics and floors
  • Biocidal proven active ingredients
  • Tested effective against germs

Safe Multi-purpose Cleaner

  • Our #1 multi-purpose cleaner spray
  • Creates a germ fighting clean barrier
  • Prevents dirt, germs & soil adhering
  • Biostatic antimicrobial technology
  • Reduces cleaning/dusting frequency
  • “Dirt release” active cleaning agent
  • Multipurpose cleaner fluid and spray
  • Professional clean commercial grade


Multi-surface cleaner

Clean & Protect multi-purpose cleaning sprays are VOC and bleach free so safe to use on all surfaces, including soft furnishings. Bathrooms, kitchens, tables, sideboards and worktops all sparkle once wiped over with Clean & Protect and subsequent falling airborne dust and dirt particles find it impossible to adhere to the paramagnetic – anti-static super surface that’s left behind after cleaning. Clean & Protect multi-surface cleaner sprays make cleaning a breeze and create hygienically clean surfaces, for up to 14 days, wherever they’re sprayed.


Hygienic surface protector

Surfaces stay cleaner for longer with Clean & Protect. Household dust is repelled from the anti-static cleaned surface so germs, viruses and spores have fewer places to breed. Clean & Protect helps to keep school buildings, homes and offices looking cleaner, smelling fresher and germ-free for longer than conventional multi-purpose cleaners.


Room Deodoriser

Clean & Protect combats odour at the source breaking down nasty whiffs rather than simply masking over them with a pleasant smell. For this reason, Clean & Protect is completely fragrance-free – as the smell from any oils we have tried to add is immediately eliminated by the deodorising properties of this remarkable cleaner. It’s almost too good!


Carpet Cleaner

In this concentration (15%) Clean & protect makes a fabulous carpet spot cleaner fluid. Red wine, shoe polish and even car oil can be lifted out and held in suspension by this powerful carpet cleaner solution. For low foaming use in carpet cleaning machines simply dilute to approximately 3% and add to the carpet cleaner clean water tank. (See Clean & Protect Concentrate for more information)


Caravan and Motorhome Cleaner

Plastic and Polycarbonate safe Clean & Protect multi-surface cleaner ideally lends itself to caravan and motorhome cleaning. Cut through green moss and algae, blast away black drain marks from water overflows and leave your mobile home from home looking sparkling, clean and protected for your next trip away. Check out the video tab for a live demonstration.

Data Sheets

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