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4 in 1 concentrate

Clean & Protect 4 in1 Cleaner Concentrate

Clean & Protect concentrated cleaner liquid is so incredibly versatile we believe it’s the only cleaning product you’ll need. Paramagnetic Clean & Protect Concentrate can be diluted between 50% and 1%. At it’s strongest this amazing cleaning agent can remove oil stains from concrete, clean up chemical spills and even unblock drains. At a 20% to 30% dilution rate Clean & Protect can be used to descale shower heads, deep clean heavily soiled areas and clean up body fats, blood, urine and faeces. At >20% dilution multipurpose Clean & Protect is a safe COSHH compliant sanitiser, perfect as a general purpose multisurface cleaner and for pet, equine and livestock care.

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Product Description

Strong Concentrated Cleaner

  • Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner
  • 4in1 Cleans, Deodorizes and Protects
  • Cleans fabric, carpet and upholstery
  • Removes dirt, germs and bacteria
  • Eradicates oils, body fluids and fat
  • Breaks down and eliminates odours
  • Cleans deeply ingrained dirt and soil
  • Long lasting microscopic protection

Clean & Protect Concentrate

  • Multisurface Cleaner Concentrate
  • Taint-free for food prep surfaces
  • Non-Toxic, safe and Biodegradable
  • Multisurface concentrated cleaner
  • Destroys organic biofilms and algae
  • Descales toilets and shower heads
  • Professional cleaner concentrate
  • Safe for pet, equine and livestock


Pet, Equine and Livestock

DIRECTIONS: Do not spray in close proximity to animals.
• Remove animals, bedding and as much soiled matter as possible. Heavily soiled matter can be removed more effectively by using an initial application and leaving to soak.
• Spray the area to be treated liberally with concentrate diluted to our recommended percentages below.
• Thoroughly wet and clean the entire area, scrub with a stiff brush to work the cleaner in, making sure all cracks and crevices are treated. Rinse the treated areas thoroughly once clean.
• Treat animal housing and enclosures when unoccupied for at least 2 hours or until treated area is dry. Repeat regularly to help keep the treated area clean and deodorised.
Clean and Protect can be applied using your normal jet wash system and dispensing ratio.
10% – Pet Bedding, Baskets, Riding Clothing, Footwear Tack, and Equipment.
20% – Pets accidental Stains or Soiling, Neutralise Urine odours, Kennels, Horse Blankets, Vehicles, Animal transport, Horse Boxes, Stabling, Animal Housing, Sheds, Yard Areas and Pens.


Deep Cleaning

DIRECTIONS: Dilute concentrate to our recommended percentages below. Spray or brush on to dirty surfaces, then leave to soak for 30 minutes, before thoroughly washing off.
20% – Body Fats, Blood, Urine and Faeces, Grease, Oils, Spillages, Algae, Patio Slabs, Concrete and Stone.
30% – More stubborn Grease deposits and heavily Soiled areas. To descale Shower Heads, soak in hot water for 1 hour, this will give long term protection and help prevent further build-up.
50% – Drains, Chemical spillages such as oil on floors or concrete, Paint and other very heavy spillages


Everyday Cleaning

DIRECTIONS: Dilute concentrate to our recommended percentages below. Spray onto the required area, rub the surface with a cloth or brush, rinse, wipe or polish off as required.
1% – Mirrors and Glass (do not use on self-cleaning glass).
10% – Metal, Plastics, Wood, Leather, Rubber, Clothing, Footwear and Car Care.
20% – Granite, Marble, Work Surfaces, Table Tops, Food preparation areas, Refrigerators, Sinks, Hobs, Vehicle Interiors and Exteriors, Furnishings, Carpets, Laminated Floors, Tiles, Ceramics, Enamel, Porcelain, Toilets and Urinals.

Data Sheets

Clean & Protect Data Sheet


Clean & Protect Concentrate SDS



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