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graffiti resistant paint

Coloured Graffiti Resistant Paint

Cover existing graffiti and create beautiful anti-graffiti walls with our Coloured Graffiti Resistant Paint range. Available in a wide palette of colours, Coloured Anti-graffiti Paint imparts total graffiti resistance when applied to any external surface. Concrete, brick, masonry and wood all become graffiti resistant once this permanent, 10-year life expectancy, anti-graffiti coloured paint is applied. Subsequent graffiti removal could not be easier as Coloured Graffiti Resistant Paint is completely water washable and can even withstand high-pressure graffiti removal methods. Colour matched surfaces can be covered and protected with a single coat or to cover dark surfaces with a lighter paint or obliterate existing graffiti two coats may be required.


Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Coverage: 8 - 10M2 / Ltr

£169.99 inc.Vat |
£141.66 ex.Vat


Product Description

Coloured Graffiti Resistant Paint

  • Coloured graffiti resistant AG paint
  • Can be applied to all substrates
  • Incredible 10-year life expectancy
  • Remove graffiti with just tap water
  • One coat application on clean walls
  • Covers existing graffiti in two coats
  • Resists all forms of graffiti media
  • Available in any RAL paint colour*

Coloured Anti-Graffiti Paint

  • Long life coloured anti-graffiti paint
  • Withstands high-pressure washers
  • Resists permanent marker pen tags
  • Repels graffiti spray paint tagging
  • Effective fly-poster/sticker protection
  • Single pack graffiti resistant paint
  • Brush, Roller or Spray applied
  • Water washable anti-graffiti paint


Graffiti Cover-up

Where existing graffiti vandalism exists Coloured Graffiti Resistant Paint makes the ideal graffiti cover-up/graffiti obliteration solution. Usually, in just two coats even the darkest of colours are easily covered up and walls, doors, subways and bridges are returned to a uniform colour with the extra added benefit of now being graffiti resistant for the future. Coloured Graffiti Resistant Paint saves time and money as graffiti removal prior to its application simply is not required.

Data Sheets

Graffgo data sheet   Graffgo MSDS


Coloured Graffiti Resistant Paint Flyer