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easy-on+ Biomaster Antimicrobial Glaze

easy-on+ antimicrobial Biomaster is the 20-year life hygienic finish for hospital ICU’s, Theatres and Wards. Building on the unparalleled durability of damage resistant easy-on clear glaze, this Biomaster infused hospital hygiene coating can be applied to any clean surface whether painted or natural. Once cured easy-on+ Biomaster Anti-microbial forms a washable seamless barrier that inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%. Based on safe silver ion technology and building on the impressive Biomaster name there is no other coating that can offer such complete washability and durability. easy-on+ Biomaster clear glaze destroys harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and moulds and is tested to strict ISO standards.

Coverage: 9-33m² per litre

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Product Description

Antimicrobial Biomaster Glaze

  • 20-year life hygienic wall protection
  • Contains antimicrobial Biomaster
  • Inhibits bacterial growth up to 99.99%
  • Based on safe silver ion technology
  • Can be washed and scrubbed clean
  • Inhibits the surface growth of bacteria
  • Simple one coat application process
  • Tested to ISO 22196:2011 standards

Antibacterial easy-on+ Biomaster

  • Antibacterial finish for hospital walls
  • Inhibits harmful micro-organisms
  • Prevents fungi and mould growth
  • Seamless antibacterial wall glaze
  • Vastly extends redecoration intervals
  • Class 0 fire rated and solvent free
  • Contains Verimaster validation
  • easy-on+ antimicrobial Biomaster


Durable Wall Protection

easy-on+ Biomaster antimicrobial clear glaze has a clear polysiloxane backbone that’s as tough as quartz crystal once applied to a wall. Utilising superior chemical bonding technology polysiloxane based coatings are renowned for their permanence, durability and damage resistance. One coat of easy-on has been proven to last over 20 years in demanding conditions and now Biomaster Protected easy-on+ offers antibacterial product protection for high traffic walls in hospitals, schools and high-frequency use applications.


Hygienic Antimicrobial Wall Defence

‘Normal’ easy-on Clear Glaze has been proven to withstand 1000’s of cleaning operations without ever wearing away and as such easy-on retains the crown as the UK’s #1 ‘True Permanent’ Anti-Graffiti Coating. A number of years ago UH embarked upon testing with The Biomedical Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University here in the UK to prove easy-on could be cleaned down to a microbial level and we were delighted when the test proved that easy-on cleans far better than other long-lasting “scrubbable” finishes, paints and coatings. Adding the Biomaster additive was the next logical step was to add Biomaster to provide easy-on+ with antimicrobial product protection, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi on anything it is applied to.

Data Sheets

easy-on+ Biomaster Safety Data Sheet


easy-on+ Biomaster data sheet


easy-on+ Biomaster Application


easy-on+ Biomaster antimicrobial protection

Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology in Healthcare

How Biomaster Silver Ion Technology works

Test Cert

Test Cert (Antimicrobial) ISO22196 – easy on+ Biomaster