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asbestos sealer coating
asbestos coating sealer

easy-on – Asbestos Encapsulation Paint

easy-on Asbestos Encapsulation Coating safely and completely bonds back dangerous asbestos fibres, sealing them in to prevent harm. easy-on is the only Asbestos Sealer Coating to deliver 20-year life and offer Clear, Durable, UV-stable Asbestos Protection. Once the easy-on Asbestos Encapsulation Coating is applied previously hazardous asbestos is made safe and can be washed down and cleaned if required. easy-on Asbestos Sealer is Solvent Free and Class 0 and as such suitable for both internal and external application including over previously painted asbestos surfaces.

Coverage: 8-33 m² per litre

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Product Description

Asbestos Encapsulation Coating

    • Clear Asbestos Encapsulation paint
    • Seals in dangerous asbestos fibers
    • Strong, durable and waterproof
    • Tested and effective up to 20 years
  • Washable and damage resistant
  • Single coat Asbestos protection
  • Asbestos causes 3,000 deaths PA

easy-on Asbestos Sealer Paint

  • Safe and cost effective alternative
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • UV stable and weatherproof
  • Should outlast building design life
  • Dependable in real world scenarios
  • Proven and independently tested
  • Solvent Free and Low VOC


Sealing of Rigid Building Asbestos:

easy-on Asbestos encapsulation coating is perfect for sealing rigid internal and external building asbestos including difficult to access areas such as ceiling voids and asbestos service ducts and roofs. Class 0 easy-on effectively prevents the release of asbestos fibres by sealing them in and encapsulating them for up to 20 years whilst providing a washable safe surface for years to come.


Asbestos in Schools:

It is estimated that around 75% of UK schools have asbestos present within them. It is often more dangerous to remove this asbestos so encapsulation is the chosen way forward. Where naked or painted asbestos exists within schools, easy-on asbestos encapsulation paint may be applied to safely bond back dangerous fibres and provide a wipe clean barrier that may be lightly trafficked for up to 20 years.

Data Sheets

easy-on Asbestos Encapsulation Coating Safety Data Sheet


easy-on Asbestos Encapsulation Coating Technical Data


easy-on Asbestos Encapsulation Coating Application Data


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