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graffiti remover wipes
Safe graffiti wipeeasy graffiti removal from walls

easy-off Anti-Graffiti Removal Wipes

Strip paint and ink based graffiti media instantly with easy-off graffiti removal wipes. Each pouch contains 15 super tough and absorbent safe graffiti wipes all saturated with our easy-off safe graffiti remover. These non-harmful, alcohol-free anti-graffiti cleaning wipes quickly remove unwanted graffiti tags, spray paint murals and permanent marker pen-based graffiti vandalism and are proven safe to use on plastic and polycarbonate surfaces such as street signs, bus shelters and shop fronts. Packaged in convenient pocket-sized resealable pouch’s easy-off graffiti removing wipes won’t dry out and are the safe and simple way to wipe out graffiti in your area.

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Product Description

Graffiti removal wipes

  • Graffiti removing anti-graffiti wipes
  • 15 full-size tough cloths per pouch
  • Strip paint from all hard surfaces
  • Best value safe graffiti removal wipes
  • Lift permanent marker pen easily
  • Unclassified, non-harmful solution
  • Plastic and Polycarbonate safe wipes
  • Resealable tab so wipes stay moist

Graffiti removing wipes

  • 15 Anti-graffiti wipes in a pouch
  • Handy pocket sized & resealable
  • Super absorbent so locks in inks
  • Melts graffiti spray paint in secs
  • Wipe clean train and bus graffiti
  • Alcohol-free and skin friendly
  • Enables anyone to remove graffiti
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Cleaning anti-graffiti Coatings

easy-off graffiti remover and subsequently easy-off wipes were specifically formulated to work harmoniously with easy-on anti-graffiti coating. Proven not to reduce the lifecycle of “true permanent” coatings easy-off wipes offer a safe and strong chemical free option for graffiti removal. Over years of live testing, we have shown easy-off wipes to be capable of cleaning many other anti-graffiti finishes without damage occurring and recommend them if safe, chemical free graffiti removal is your objective.


Adhesive Remover

easy-off is an incredibly effective adhesive remover and these cleaning wipes get straight to work softening glue, melting adhesive and mopping up uncured silicone. Ideal for removing sticky residue left behind by stickers on all hard surfaces easy-off adhesive removing wipes leave surfaces sticky tack and gum free and looking great.


Decorators Wipes

Paint splashes, spills and over-spray are all quickly removed from hard surfaces with easy-off graffiti removing wipes. In it’s own right easy-off graffiti remover is a fast acting, safe graffiti remover and these easy-off saturated cleaning wipes perform brilliantly when cleaning up paint is required. easy-off wipes are so effective they can even be used to clean up uncured epoxy paint and uncured silicone and decorators caulk.

Data Sheets

easy-off Graffiti Cleaning Wipes Data Sheet


easy-off Graffiti Cleaning Wipes SDS



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