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ghosting remover

Graffiti Shadow & Ghosting Remover

Graffiti Shadows or Ghosting can often be left behind once graffiti removal takes place, especially on highly porous surfaces such as sandstone. UH Graffiti and Shadow Remover Liquid is specifically formulated to take over where other graffiti removers leave off. Containing the optimum blend of strong paint stripping and graffiti removal chemicals plus lightening and bleaching agents, Graffiti Shadow Remover gets to work instantly blasting out ink and spray paint based graffiti media and brightening and bleaching the graffiti stained substrate to deliver near perfect clean wall results.

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£44.99 ex.Vat


Product Description

Graffiti Shadow Remover

  • Penetrates deep into graffiti
  • Lifts and bleaches inks and dyes
  • Powerful graffiti shadow remover
  • Removes deep graffiti shadows
  • Erases graffiti media ghosting
  • Low odour and non-flammable
  • Lightly gelled for vertical use
  • Suitable for all masonry surfaces

Graffiti Ghost Remover

  • Effective on porous substrates
  • Leaves walls professionally clean
  • Reduces cleaning & removal times
  • Prevents recurrent graffiti bonding
  • Safe to use internally or externally
  • Can also be used as a paint stripper
  • Works on multiple layers of graffiti
  • Our strongest wall cleaner available


Graffiti Shadow and Ghost Remover

Where graffiti Shadows or Ghosting remain following graffiti removal efforts, simply apply Graffiti Shadow Remover and leave to work for 5 to 10 minutes. Urban Hygiene Ltd Graffiti Shadow Remover gets to work, instantly penetrating deep into graffiti inks, paints and dyes, lifting and holding particles in suspension whilst at the same time lightening stained molecules of the substrate to deliver near perfect results.


Paint Stripper

Thanks to its super strong chemical formulation Graffiti and Shadow Remover makes an excellent multi-layer Paint Stripper. The medium viscosity liquid is perfect for long contact time stripping especially where multiple paint layers have built up over many years of decorating. Simply brush onto the wall, bannister or surface you wish to strip, leave for a few hours (overnight if possible), then scrape or wipe the softened, crozzled and curled up paint layers away.


Graffiti Remover Gel

Graffiti Ghost and Shadow Remover makes an excellent, standalone graffiti remover. Multi-layer graffiti tags,  pieces and murals don’t stand a chance once this strong graffiti removal chemical is applied. Graffiti Spray-Paint, Permanent Marker Pen Graffiti and a host of other Graffiti Medias are all obliterated by the powerful graffiti removal agents in Graffiti Shadow and Ghost Remover, delivering perfect results every time.

Data Sheets

Graffiti and Shadow Remover SDS


Shadow Remover Data Sheet


Shadow Remover Flyer