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tool cleaner

Toolclean Spraygun Wash & Tool Cleaner

Toolclean Paint Spray Equipment and Tool Cleaner keeps the tools of your trade in tip-top condition ensuring you always deliver the optimum finish. Safe to use Toolclean can be easily run through spray lines, guns, tips and pots to remove paint residue including uncured epoxy and two pack coatings such as easy-on anti-graffiti finish. For paint covered screwdrivers, pliers or saws simply apply Toolclean to a rag and then wipe away any residues, including oil, grease and dirt. Toolclean is highly effective on uncured silicone and ideal for cleaning up after caulk and silicone sealant application.

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Product Description

Paint Covered Tool Cleaner

  • Paint Sprayer and tool cleaner
  • Removes adhesive and silicone
  • Effective on uncured epoxy paint
  • Cuts through tool grease and oil
  • Holds contaminants in suspension
  • Tool and spray equipment wash
  • Maintains edges and performance

Spraygun line, pot & tip Wash

  • Flushes spray guns, pots and lines
  • Promotes the perfect paint finish
  • Extends the life of paint spray tools
  • Cleans all types of spray tip and pot
  • Non-Flammable cleaning product
  • Tool safe and cellulose thinners free
  • Environmentally friendly cleaner


Spray Equipment Cleaner

Toolclean reconstitutes all paints and coatings including uncured epoxy and two packs. This makes it ideal for cleaning out spray lines, spray guns and spray pots. Toolclean can be run through conventional spray equipment or used to bath metal triggers and sprays prior to mechanical agitation.


Tool Cleaner

If your work tools become covered in gloss paint, epoxy or acrylic – Toolclean makes the perfect clean up liquid. Just apply to a rag and then wipe down shafts, handles and blades. Your tools will look like new in seconds. Toolclean also cuts through oil and grease so be sure to reapply a light oil after cleaning to maintain a sharp – rust free edge.


Silicone and decorators Caulk Cleaner

Uncured Silicone sealant and decorators caulk are easily wiped up using Toolclean cleaning fluid and a rag. Perfect for around joints and bathtubs Toolclean lift contaminants with a single wipe and prevents any sticky residues being left behind.

Data Sheets

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