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Wall Waterproofer
Wall WaterpooferWall WaterprooferWall Waterpoofer

Waterproof Masonry Damp Wall Protector

Invisibly protect external masonry and render walls for up to 10 years with this transparent rainwater repellent treatment. This natural clear impregnation system penetrates deep into porous brick, stone and render finish walls proofing them with the maximum of weather resistance whilst retaining their natural appearances. This Super-Hydrophobic solution prevents water ingress and prevents damp problems and damp patches appearing. UV stable, this waterproof wall treatment is often chosen to protect tower blocks and cladding.

Coverage: 2-6m² per litre

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Product Description

Waterproof Wall Treatment

  • Invisible wall waterproofing product
  • Repels rainwater, oil, dirt and grease
  • Protects brickwork  from weathering
  • Self-cleaning & stay clean properties
  • Single application lasts upto 10 years
  • Resists weathering & UV degradation
  • Fast drying, single pack safe product
  • Approved for cladding and render

Wall waterproofing system

  • Hydrophobic rain repellant coating
  • Impregnates deep into masonry
  • Seals out water & moisture ingress
  • Rainwater beads & runs instantly
  • Practical long lasting wall protection
  • Applicable to a range of substrates
  • Vapour permeable & fully breathable
  • Wall appearances remain unchanged


Waterproofing Brickwork

Keep brickwork dry and increase weather resistance by applying this Waterproof Wall Treatment. Applied in a single Flood-Brush or Spray Coat this hydrophobic wall finish won’t alter the appearances of any facing bricks, engineering bricks or common bricks but will improve their weather resistance considerably. Rainwater is repelled from the brick face ensuring bricks remain dry and free from damp.


Water Repellant Cladding / Render Treatment

Where tower blocks are undergoing cladding or render works to improve their appearances and increase energy efficiency, it is often a good idea to apply a water-repellant coating. Reflecting heat back into a building is financially beneficial but the external skin of the building can become cold as a result. This means walls find it hard to dry out and damp patches, mildew and mould can take hold. By simply applying a waterproof wall coating at the time of the reskin these issues can be avoided.


Building Damproofer

Protect against rising and penetrating damp by applying this waterproof Treatment to potentially moist faces before the damp sets in. Vapor permeable but moisture repellant this quick and easy damp treatment could save you hours of costly damproofing specialist repair works.

Data Sheets

Waterproofer Data Sheet


Waterproofer SDS


Waterproof Treatment for a wide variety of substrates including:

Clay and Slate Tile
Stone Cladding
External Render
Wall Insulation
Decorative External Finishes


Wall Waterproofer